Poker Books: How To Play Online Poker

Poker Books: How To Play Online PokerThe poker industry has seen vast growth recently. This was caused, for one, by the advent, and then increase in internet poker. An additional key factor was the “hole card cam”, which allowed TV viewers to observe the players hidden cards while watching the action. This had a big influence on the tv audiences enjoyment watching poker.

When internet amateur Chris Moneymaker took the 2003 WSOP Main Event, poker boomed. Currently, the top poker pros are stars, and household names due to the TV exposure. These days let’s take a glimpse at a couple of the better poker strategy books on the market today.

Dan Harrington, who won the WSOP Main Event in 1995, deseves a place on this select list of player/authors. With at least $6,000,000 in career tournament earnings, 2 World Series Of Poker wins, and add a World Poker Tour title as well, he definately has the credentials of a great player. His stategy trilogy, Harrington on holdem, published only three years ago, is seen as a tournament poker great.

Harrington’s work only deals with tournament play, focusing on the intricacies of the tournament game. In the minds of many pros, Dan revealed too many secrets to an ever growing field of players hungry for knowledge. The information in this book has reduced a small sampling of the edge most professional players had over their amateur counterparts. This is a must read for all tournament players.

David Sklansky doesn’t have the playing reputation that the others listed are. However, he can boast 3 WSOP championships. David is well know for his writings on poker than as a player. He has published a number of poker books, on basically all of the various games that we see today.
Although he does deal with all aspects of poker thinking, he is very detailed on the math of playing poker. He analyzes so actually that you can understand the decisions you make are good ones. Playing with a drawing hand can be incorrect in various instances, and be correct sometimes. He helps you to know how to calculate your odds that are tricky. Which is critical to playing winning poker.

Doyle Brunson has won the WSOP Main Event twice. He won back to back in 1976 and 1977. Doyle brunson is considered by many to be the best poker player of all time. He has an incredible ten WSOP titles, and also has been victorious in an WPT event. He battles against the best players on the planet in the big game on a regular basis. Doyle’s book Super System has been called the bible of poker by many of todays top poker stars.

His super system books are his best. In these great books he educates us on the different types of poker games commonly played. In both of these works he lets other great players take on the task with him, of showing us how to platinum play casino canada different games. So basically, it must be considered a collaboration. Although the first book is considered somewhat outdated, Super system 2 has stepped in to fill the void, and update the original classic.

One of the nicest men in poker, Barry Greenstein is also one of the best. He owns 3 World Series Of Poker titles, in three varieties of poker, and has also take home a WPT title. Include well over $6 million in career winnings, and a regular in the largest cash games on the planet, and you can see he is one great player. He wrote Ace On The River to present his approach to professional poker.

The style and approach of Ace On The River is unique when compared to your typical poker strategy book. His approach is to give us his vision into the intriguing world of being in the poker playing business. He gives you strategy analysis as well, but has more interest in teaching you about the different people, their style of play, and the intriguing situations, that you will find yourself in.

These superstar players have put a lot of time and work to make sure that their readers get a great base of poker information. Even some top pros have pointed to these books as critical factors in leading them to becoming great players If you can study these poker books you won’t be disapointed.