Various Gambling Tips

It’s rare that any one gambler sticks to any one game. With that in mind, I’m going to share some various gambling tips with you today. I hope you enjoy them and don’t be shy about telling others. Today, I’ll keep the focus to Blackjack, Craps, Texas Hold’em Poker, and Roulette. Let’s rock n roll.

Various Gambling TipsTexas Hold’em Poker Tips

The one tip I’d like to leave with you today is to always raise top hands pre-flop. Okay, there’s no “always” bets in gambling, but it’s in your best interest (until you’re a very advanced player) to make everyone else pay to see the flop or leave when you have a top hand (AA, KK, AK).
The raise is up to you, but three times the blind is a good idea—if possible.

Roulette Tips

Here’s a great tip for American players. Play Euro Roulette if possible. Most online casinos offer it and it’s to your advantage to do so as the European version only has one zero, unlike the American version with two zeros.
The house advantage is only about half (2.7%) that of the American version. It’s much, much better, so give it a try.

Blackjack Tips

First up, never take insurance. It’s a sucker’s bet. Why would you take insurance? Think about this for a minute. You put up 50% of your bet amount and if you win, you just get to keep wagering. How stupid is that? The best case scenario is you ended up risking 150% to win 50%. That’s just bad play. And if you lose, you’ve now lost an extra 50%. Just say no to insurance.
Second, stay away from “shoe” dealt games when possible. You want single deck Blackjack games and double deck at the max. Anything else swings the odds in the house’s favor too much. There’s plenty of single deck action out there, so go find it.

Craps Tips

Let’s close with Craps—a great game. I’ll give you two great Craps tips. First, don’t bet prop best (all those bets in the center of the layout, like Craps, Hardways, Any Seven, etc). Those are sucker’s bets and that’s how the house cleans up. Just stay way from them.
Second, the Field isn’t a good bet. Sure, it has most of the numbers, but it has less than a 50% probability of being rolled, because the numbers not in the field (5, 6, 7, 8) have the most combinations of being rolled. That’s why the Field wager area is so large. They want to entice you.

No matter what games you’re playing, do so responsibly and have fun. Learn as much as you can about a game before playing it. You’ll have a better chance of winning. Good luck at the tables.